Twinmotion - Animating Objects from ArchiCAD/Revit

Does anyone know if it is possible to animate walls, slabs or objects from the model? (elements which are not a part off the twinmotion library, but from the imported modell).

All I need is one path, as done with the animation for walking etc.

I would like to create walls and slabs “falling from the sky” to show assembly sequences.

thank you for your time!

Hi TomasKve,

Though very limited, you can use custom objects with a custom path.

You will find custom path located here: Urban (city building icon)>Paths>Custom Paths.

Default object will be Box 1m (This can be changed to your custom path object)

Choose Animation Speed: Once

You will now have a custom object moving from point A to B of your choosing.


This is not easily done in Twinmotion because you need to have a lot of custom paths and make all your Archicad elements a user library part. Maybe it’s easier to import the model in Blender (also free) and animate there. It will be a lot easier and quicker…