Twinmotion and GPU

Newb here Ladies and Gentlemen,

So I am wondering why my current work in Twinmotion does not look as crisp as I would like it. I’m sure there are a number of issues and I am still learning Twinmotion but my scenes just don’t appear high end. It is likely the lighting, which I have already fooled around with, could improve, but I am mainly wondering about my Graphics card. I have also changed the settings to “Ultra”

Current computer specs:
Surface Pro laptop
Processor - Intel core i5 7300 CPU @ 2.6GHz 2.71GHz
64 bit operating system
Graphics card - Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

Outside of my low skill level in Twinmotion being the culprit, I am thinking it could be my GPU (graphics card). It does not look a ton better than my sketchup models. Should I jump for another computer with better GPU or do I have other problems that need addressing? Also, what laptop would you recommend that wont break the bank? Thank you in advance.

Another thing… Will updates for the free version be provided in the future or will I need to eventually pay in full as the years go on? Thanks.

That GPU isn’t good for 3D work, you need something like a dedicated Nvidia or AMD graphics card

Thank you for the advice. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Would a GTX 1660 be worth my while or should I spring for a little more?

It would work real well, but obviously you can always spend more for things to work even better.

As far as RTX and raytracing goes, should I spring for a GPU that has raytracing capabilities? Is ray tracing available on the current software? If not, when will that come around, and is it even worth it?

I’m not sure that Twinmotion has raytracing support. I’d expect it at some point if it doesn’t already. It would definitely be worth it, it gives much higher quality results while still being very fast.

I’m thinking about Nvidia RTX graphic card, it’s quite expensive - - who can confirm that TM will use ray-tracing features ?

Also, I am about to show my ignorance here… does the GPU affect the render quality of the final product? As in, will a high end graphics card make a rendered still that much better? If not, what will make a much higher quality render as far as hardware goes? Thank you in advance

Hey Wuka, we are not ready to announce specific feature plans but we are working on enhancing the product functionality and will make the information available when possible.
You are welcomed to start a discussion on Twinmotion community page for any further questions related Twinmotion.

In the Archicad 23 presentation there was a preview of the next Twinmotion with Ray-Tracing support. So my question is, will this work on AMD by that time??? Since I’m on a Mac and Apple doesn’t support Nvidia I don’t have much choice… (or build a Windows machine).

Raytracing is being used as a DirectX feature, so once AMD has implemented something with their drivers/video cards then it would just work without any update needed to Twinmotion.

I know this is a bit older thread but I have the same setup as the original poster but also have the Nvidia GeForce MX150 and just with some tweaking here and there I can still get high quality images from it.