Twinmotion 2018 real-time visualization powered by Unreal Engine

Architects are used to dealing with “big things”, now their visualization tools can be just as impressive.

The real-time architectural visualization software, Twinmotion, is going to release its new version, Twinmotion 2018, powered by Unreal Engine.
Check out the first trailer video

Some cool features:

  • live link with Revit
  • drag/drop people
  • drag/drop entourage
  • seasons

Why, it is positively Epic! :wink:

Very cool indeed - the GI was v. nice :wink:

Oh wow, we already use the previous version for rendering of revit models, and started to create a workflow within UE4 to get better rendering quality than the old TM renderer… Guess we can scrap that work and just upgrade to TM 2018 now !

aaaah mr koolala on the Top :smiley:

V1.0 of Twinmotion won’t support exporting UE4 assets, but we’re working with them on that. Our vision is that you can extract the UE4 assets out of Twinmotion and use in other interesting ways. In effect, Twinmotion becomes an import path to UE4 from Revit.

Why, UE4 dont create softbridge between UnrealEngine and Archicad or Revit?
On Youtube are most videos, how import model, but 60% are bad. When anyone want import model to UE4, must have Archicad/Revit/SketchUp,… → Max/Maya/Blender (only for Unwrap UV) → UE4.
I think, when Twinmotion will can export model to UE4, will be really good, not only for EpicGames, but or for Twinmotion.

Interesting, but how about importing uassets made in unreal to Twinmotion 2018 ? Could be simple static meshes at first, maybe animation blueprints and such for later ?

These are all good questions. I’m not the expert on the Twinmotion 2018 workflow, I just know that the initial version won’t export UE4. That version was already locked down when we brought up the issue to them. They are interested in creating the workflow we desire, not sure when it will happen.

You can already use Sketchup for UV unwrapping. It’s still a bit behind other Software in terms of features (no support for ngons, no atlases, no UDIM, no second UV space…), but it works very well:

So, I guess Twinmotion might be a very nice path for architecture and environments into UE, but for objects, vehicles and entourage you can already develop them with Sketchup and Wrap-R. The

Hi everyone,
My name is Tianxiao Wang. I’m community manager of Twinmotion.
We had a nice presentation of Twinmotion 2018 at UE user group yesterday at Siggraph! And I’m glad to say that Twinmotion 2018 is officially launched since yesterday.
Trial version is available for downloading at Twinmotion - Unreal Engine
Live link with ARCHICAD and Revit: Twinmotion - Unreal Engine - ARCHICAD plugin is already available, the Revit plugin will be out in the following weeks!
The trial version is fully functional during 20 days.
Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences!

ASAP I have time for testing in my daily working schedule I’ll try it. I’m very interested. But I have one question due a recent test I’ve done with “BIMmotion_DEMO_Windows” exe: I’m having some bugs in VR, as feeling flying in my glasses when I would be with the feet on the ground, or feeling low FPS on a machine without any compromises (runs like hell Robo Recall). Does Twinmotion change from Deferred to Forward rendering when going to VR?


Hello I look forward to trying the demo…could you tell me some of the key advantages of ue4 integration into twinmotion ?

so, does Twinmotion support blueprints or what’s the deal? Because if right now Twinmotion is just for creating and exporting 360 video, I’ll rather continue using the plugin I made for that

Twinmotion uses UE4 for rendering. It does not expose Blueprints. Twinmotion uses UE4 to drive interactive visualization and supports VR headsets. It’s not about exporting 360 videos, though it may have that feature in addition to real-time.

So can i make a scene from twinmotion, import it into Unreal Engine and add my own character from unreal to animate a scene?

No you cannot do that.

I don’t have Revit or ArchiCAD and TwinMotion is joined now with Epic Games, so what the program really needs is the ability to export the 3D Model’s out with or without Baked Materials natively and sync it where you can continue to work on the content between TwinMotion and other 3D Modeller programs and sync it back into Unreal Engine, for the more advanced a visual settings dump in textual form or access from a UE4 TwinMotion Sync plugin could go a long way in the productivity pipeline, just having some 3D File Export Options would be a huge step in the right direction toward accomplishing that, and it would seem like an improved and simpler pipeline to produce high quality results faster. The only tricky part I think would be the weather system.