Twinery/Arcweave into UE Editor. How to? Any Experience? Advice?

Hi Community! Glad to join you!

Dear Friends I really need your help.

I have a game I make, it’s Visual Novel. Once I met Twine/Arcweave, I trying to make similiar tool into UE4 Editor.

What I need:

Graph Editor or Block Diagrams Editor into UE. One of the Block type - Block. Block is a Actor-based class with structure I need like Index, Header, Text Body and so on.

I need Button panel (that I can do), zoomable field (Like in BP Graph Editor - can some one tell me how implement it?). I need the arrows system, binding the Blocks.

How it should work. I press “Add Block” button, the Block apperas in Field (and BP_Block apperas in Content). I press Right Mouse Button On Block in Editor and can bound one Block to another one via Arrow.

Example what I mean

The scheme of Structure of Editor.

What I can’t do…

  1. Zoomable Field - can I implement it via Utility Widget? Is there other way without C++ coding?
  2. Arrows system, binding the Blocks - how?)) Any Examples?
  3. If I want Create BP via Utility Widget Button, How can I set the path in Content where to place new BP?

And… any Advices. Thank you very much…

an sorry my bad English, Im not Native…