Twin stick top down controls (Hotline Miami/Asteroids)


First time poster here.

I’m completely new to scripting even with blueprints and have no Kismet experience. I have looked at various examples of top down blueprints including the content examples. But my main question is how to get controls for a dual analog gamepad working so that whilst the left stick controls PlayerPawn movement, the right stick controls the rotation of the PlayerPawn.

This is what I have so far, but I’m not convinced its even that close. Any help would be awesome. I understand the logic, just don’t know what nodes actually make up that logic.

alt text
Cheers guys!

Ok so I have basic movement sorted out. But am still stuck on how to make the pawn aim using the right gamepad stick - I have rotation, but I want it to essentially just rotate the player on the spot according to where the stick is moved

This works for me. I’ve bound MoveForward to the Gamepad Right Y, and the MoveRight to Gamepad Right X, both have a value of 1.0.

It work fine but there is a little glitch. when the stick is released the actor return to the default location. there is a way to fix it?

You ever find a way to make the rotation stick when the analog is released?
EDIT: Never-mind, I got it working with this:

Sorry about the spaghetti nodes

I found another way very similar to yours. However, this is for a third person Character. This code follow the Weapon/Character when they move together or alone and does not reset the aim after releasing the joystick.