Twin Stick Shooter Tutorial

The existing content is for a small flying vehicle (UFO).

Every attempt to change it to a character from the mixamo pack fails. For clarification I want a person rather than a UFO.

I was wondering if anyone had similar results or better luck on this…or simply some advice as to how to accomplish the goal.


You can use just a blank startup and add everything in, the great thing about UE4 is the more you play with it the better you get. dont try and win the the day on the first go round it usually does not work. thats how to get your model ingame, and do the animations, as well as how to set the controls i believe. google is wonderful.

Thanks ActivistMonkey ,

I have seen this video and I am fairly proficient in a lot of aspects of the engine as well as getting models in and animated. I was wondering, specifically related to this template, what is actually happening that prevents me from adding a rigged person in place of the existing model because I have never run into an issue like this before. Unfortunately an exhausting Google search cannot answer every question every time. Fortunately these forums exist for people to help and collaborate so that shot in the dark searches aren’t the only option.

Thanks for the insight though.

Have you changed your game type to use a character and not a flying pawn?

The pawn the template is using is a StaticActor, you must change this out in the code or blueprint to allow for a SkeletalMeshComponent

That’s what I thought but I could not find the reference to StaticActor in code or blueprint to change it.