Twin Stick Shooter Prototype

This is a prototype for a twin stick shooter game I’m working on, called Heavy Steel: Arena (working title). I made this on 3 evenings, so it’s nothing fancy. Just some blueprints for walking, shooting and enemy ai.
If you want to take a look yourself, you can download the project here: Download

There are some bugs. For example the rocket launcher doesn’t deal damage to enemies. Though it deals damage to the player. I don’t know what the problem is there.

The game:
You fight off enemy waves. The waves get harder over time. After some waves a boss will spawn. Every kill gives you points. You get more points if you hit enemies without getting hit yourself. Also enemies randomly drop power ups. There are 4 classes to choose from. Each with it’s unique set of weapons and a special ability. I.e. invurnability for a couple of seconds or extra damage. Nothing to powerful, but something that helps you in a difficult situation. The game ends either when you lose your last life or after a set time limit. You get extra point for every life you have left when the clock runs out.
I’ve designed the game with multiplayer in mind and it’s aimed for mobile platforms. But I’m also planning a version with more features for PC/Mac/Linux and maybe consoles.

Hi the_Cr0w,

Impressive work so far! I really like the “Boxman” type of feel you are getting so far. They were my favorite series of twin input shooters so it is always refreshing to see something along a similar vine. I look forward to seeing this project progress!

Looks sweet.

I’m going for similar mechanics in my project but youve just gotta survive as long as possible :stuck_out_tongue: