Twin-Stick Labyrinth Shooter

After working a bit with the unreal tournament editor last year I decided to dive into learning blueprints.
I decided to make a small game (twin-stick shooter) as an example. I have some experience with unity coding, but blue prints are completely new to me.

For the graphical style i decided to keep a very clean look, playing with different emissive materials and colored lights to change the very monochromatic levels.

The base idea is the following: At the start of each level you get a quick view on the map of a labyrinth. After a short time the map disappears and the player has to find the way out of the labyrinth. Every set amount a new wave of enemies spawn in the labyrinth, getting stronger and stronger the longer it takes the player to solve it.
For every x amount of enemies killed a random part of the map gets revealed again.
The structure of the labyrinth will be broken up by round rooms with special enemies like gun turrets that upon killing reward the player with upgrades for weapons, health etc.
I`am still not 100% sure about all the details but i will just adapt on the way.
In some part of the level there will be holographic plants providing cover.
My planning:


Labyrinth parts
Player vehincle
Gun turret
Beauty assets (plants, boxes, cables, wires


Player vehincle
Gun turret


Player movement
Different Projectiles
Enemy AI
Turret AI
Revealing of minimap
overheating system guns


Thanks for reading, I hope you can give me help/feedback later on. Im glad for any feedback you have to offer.
And the nicest looking part for the end, the graphic previs :