Twin Soul

Game: Cooperative puzzle horror for 2 players.
Platform: PC, Windows, Steam
Engine: Unreal 4
Facebook: https://www.facebook./groups/WhiteNoiseTeam
Twitter: https://twitter./WN_Team
**Website: **http://twinsoulgame.

About: Twin Soul is a coop-survival horror video game that takes place in an distant and desolate town somewhere in Eastern Europe. Here two players have to join together and face frightful creatures and solve twisted puzzles to survive. The game raises a variety of social problems, the expression of which can be found in the appearance of monsters, the environment and the characters themselves.
The project is heavily inspired by Team Silent, H.R.Giger and David Lynch works. Creating real psychological horror experience is the primary mission of the project.

  • Photo-realistic graphics
  • Different types of enemies with unique combat features
  • Allusions to social problems
  • Post-Soviet setting
  • Cooperative puzzle solving
  • Decision making



The are a small video showing the direction and the style of our new project.
We also appeal to enthusiasts, developers with experience in game development. If you’ve had a decent experience in working with animation and modeling of characters, as well as with the code, please contact us.


Last news:

For those who weren’t monitoring our news we remind that Twin Soul is a cooperative indie game being developed by a small team.

First, we’ll demonstrate another content pack created for the project:






Content development is a very resource-intensive process which requires a lot of time. However we’ve already made most of the models needed for demo. Two more packs await us ahead along with graphics research (realtime mirrors, texture map optimization, dynamic light experiments etc).

[video]- YouTube

[video]- YouTube

Beside the content we’ve done a lot this half a year. Made first gameplay prototype and shot first couple of feet, launched our website twinsoulgame. and finalized game world concept and its rules.
Most valuable is that we’ve developed basic AI system which descendants are going to be enemies and probably a bot as a teammate (for ones who enjoy playing alone).
It was very important to us to create an AI which would not just blindly rush to kill player, but have its own demands as the main motive of its behaviour. AI is exactly the core of our gameplay.

First enemy we’ll demonstrate will be the Child-Monster. It’s primary feature is partial blindness. It shall react to the light source: small one will annoy and even anger it, big one - easily scare away or be a safe spot for players. This enemy is an embodiment of drug addict children, Chernobyl victims and waifs - these problems are up-to-date even in modern world.
Although first monster incarnation wasn’t that good, more alien-like than real child:


That is why we’ve reworked concept:



Among other things we got protagonists models finally ready, they’ve made a long way starting with photogrammetry and ending up with retopology and polygonal hair creation. Therefore there’s lots of work to do on texture maps and materials, although that doesn’t interfere with our plans to begin animating main characters soon:





In spite of all forces concentrated on demo creation, which still is quite far from done, we do not forget to work on game-design and plot documents, thinking over mechanics and enemies. As an example, as soon as players shall learn how to confront children’s horde, smartly bypass them or lock them in the corner, they’ll face a new enemy - Lightman:


This creature isn’t afraid of light at all and even controls it, finds targets with its torch or uses specific projectors to locate children and players. And once safe light will become dangerous:




Though game isn’t being developed very fast, our Alchemilla experience proves that we aren’t afraid and don’t leave tough projects. But we have to ask our audience to help with PR. It will take you just a few minutes to share info about us with your friends who love horror games and films - that will be really helpful!

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Kind of creepy, but I like it! Looking forward to more updates.

I love the atmosphere, really creepy!

I love the colour palettes used and the high level of detail put into that kitchen - great work. The creature design is suitably disturbing; looking forward to seeing more!

excellent toilet!!! : D

Looks good!

Interesting choice of name - you may wish to look up what ‘two souled’ is generally used to refer to :wink:

Where are you from? Intresting to see photo of your student house.
In any case, we are in creative search. But for demo gameplay we are use the our home environment as a reference.

At the request of “two souled” Google provides “Beyond: Two Souls”.
But for “twin soul” Google provides Twin Soul game that change name for “Aragami – Control the Shadows”.

Coolest video i’ve seen today, thanks for this!

Subscribed, gg!

Yush, Yes and Si! Loooveing the detail. The monster concepts are awesomeness :smiley:

Yikes o_o

This is wonderfully creepy (if that’s a phrase? hahahah!). I love it! Keep up the great work!

Edit: P.S. - Just followed you on Twitter :smiley:

Weekly update №1

From now on we post regular Twin Soul news updates.
We’ll inform you about current state of the game, share recent screenshots and other fancy data.
Soon enough our YouTube channel will be refilled with short videos, which shall provide you bigger picture about game development process.

At the time being we’re working on 3-4 in-game content pack. This pack will be a part of first official closed pre-alpha build (core gameplay testing) in a while. Beside that, we’re perfecting basic inventory logic, environment interaction, making up first puzzles and deciding on right ambient.

Not to miss any of that, follow us here and also on our channel .
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Hi WhiteNoiseTeam,

The Art style and work for Twin-Soul is fabulous. When I read the Title and read the summary for the Two-player Coop, I imagined it being a Horror Game in which Two Players control a Single Character to survive. Is this the case? If so, that could be very interesting mechanic, possible the define a new type of Cooperative gameplay.

you should really focus on the gameplay. there is nothing of it in the video. the video looks more like a ArchVis than a in-game footage.

No - two players control two characters, in this regard, a pretty off traditional. Much more important non-standard interaction with opponents, which requires the coordinated action of two players and a little ingenuity. The reference projects is Obscure, Residen Evil Revelation 2 from one side + Portal 2 coop from other side.

I understand that it is difficult to imagine that we are planning. So we are planning to demonstrate the basic Coop game-play as soon as possible. But our main game process (interaction with the enemies) will have to wait, because the AI ​​requires careful consideration.

Weekly update №2[HR][/HR]
We’ve created a Steam Concept page.
Now you can follow project development right on Steam, comment, add to favorites and leave your fingers to support us.

Our YouTube channel got new video, where you can watch new assets closer - looking forward to seeing your replies.

Basic inventory was created, again. Now some objects can be picked up by player for ever and ever.
Beside that, due to (not) many requests “1 minute client” bug was finally fixed - now player on the client side can stay in game as long as he wants.

Devlog #3.

Step by step we’re creating first game level, texturing models, soon we’ll begin working out lighting, postprocess and other detailes. At the moment main work falls on sleeping room. We’ve almost finished with living room, and you can already check it out in our new video on YouTube.

By this time we’ve gathered huge amount of references to make realistic objects and premises, for example future balcony and hallway. Also first photogrammetry data were collected, so it can be used further to model and animate game protagonists.
Environmental sound system code refactoring is in progress - each type of physics material interaction would be accompanied by specific audio. After rework addition of new sound libraries may become much faster and easier.

Beside this, we’ve visited first Unreal Engine developers meetup in Moscow, cured 12 teeth, made mini teambuilding in St. Petersburg, and enriched our game experience by playing new game projects.