Twin Sick Facing Solved! kind of... (sharing my BP)

I had a lot of problems getting the facing of the right stick to work. I tried several BP tutorials I found on here and web. The ones on here just set rotater and didnt work at all or, did work and the player would snap back to their original position.
Few tweeks and some fiddling I got one that is working. Figured I would post it for anyone else having the problems. The mulitpliers fix an inverted axis (probably should just go fix in input…) and one is a .5
The mesh didnt face EXACTLY how I want them to in relation to the stick. I need to play with some ray casting to see. Might be best to fix mesh right off…
Seems some things i was playing with got left in there too…like the condition of not being true…it was going to check if facing had changed…but now i’m not sure it’s really need except that it test if the rotation is not equal to 0,0,0…

seems there is a hole in the facing also. Character does not want to move directly into facing Downward if Right joy stick is pressed straight down.
Any tips on fixing that?

video of use here: