TWIN SHOOTER TUTORIAL "Clear Timer" Changes in 4.1.0 vs 4.7 Need help

I am doing the TWIN SHOOTER TUTORIAL and the Clear Timer Function has Changed. Here is the issue I am having I don’t see a Function Name to finish. I have attached and Image


Any Help would be appreciated.

I’ve ran into this issue too, the solution is, when you create a timer it returns a handle, save it into a variable.
When you call Clear Timer by Handle, plug the variable at the Handle input.
Holp this help.

Is it possible you can make a screenshot for how it should look. I am a newbie but I learn fast. Thanks

I got it Thanks alot

Although this is done in 4.9 as we haven’t upgraded engine yet it should still work.

So when you create the timer you can set a handle variable, storing a reference to the handle (Can easily do this by right clicking on the handle on Set Timer by Function Name promoting it to a variable).

Then on the clear timer you just have to get the handle for the reference on the node.