Twin Shooter Character Orientation

Hi ! I’m trying to make a twin shooter game . But the template proposed by UE is not what i am looking for …
I would like to have player rotation and movement handled by LEFT STICK (or ZQSD on keyboard) when the player is RUNNING. [Situation A]

Player movement is handled by the LEFT STICK (or ZQSD on keyboard) and the rotation by the RIGHT STICK (or mouse) when the player is AIMING (Press LT or right click on mouse). [Situation B]

For the movement i’m ok . But i don’t know how to make the B situation . Running with left stick and AIM/Turn the character in the direction of the mouse cursor or right stick . Anyone can help me ?

Thanks a lot

Hi man,
for the pad here a super link…8740/view.html
for use the mouse instead
you can use “convert mouse location to world space” you feed in the playercontroller and he will release the world coordinates of the mouse in 3D.
use the node “find look at rotation” with the coordinate of the character, and the mouse 3D ,to rotate the char toward the mouse

I tried this (black background) for mouse … But doesn’t work when i click on right mouse button …

And this one (grey background) for the gamepad … My character just walk with a false orientation, orientation works when i push the right stick in all directions … but orientation reset when i release the right joystick and my character runs in opposite direction from his “body”