Twin Motion Help

Hi, does anyone have experience with twinmotion here? Just need to know if it supports the Oculus quest for VR capabilities.
Any help appreciated!

It doesn’t support Oculus Quest, the best you can do is render a spherical panorama that you can view as a VR image on the Quest

■■■■, any idea if they will consider supporting the Quest?
Might have to get the rift S in this case…

I don’t think they can since Twinmotion is essentially a built UE4 program, to build for Quest you would need to have Android build tools integrated and all that stuff.

Hi, sorry to bump this topic again.
I’ve seen a post from the enscape forums mentioning the ability to stream enscape into oculus quest?
Just wanted to know if it’s possible for Twin Motion.

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Also another question is, will twin motion for Rhino3D be available? Suprised sketchup got it first.

Our company really wants to get Twinmotion, but if all these are not possible we might just jump onto enscape.

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We provide a Twinmotion community which would better serve your questions:


my questions are never answered there though so good luck OP
if you do want actual help I have found Facebook the only option

Yup, been asking since november 19 never answered once… thanks for the facebook link, I’ll have a try there.

See if this works for you.

You will need the link to make it work and you run a bimmotion file.