Twin braided with physic


anyone know how create a twin braided unsing physic, is it possible?

any clue?

Yeah, with bones there you can set up a physics asset that will effect those.

thanks but… seriously? physics asset editor scary me from 2007.

ok, anyway, I am create a fast test physics asset for the braid, but where you set the bone?

Mesh editor look the right place but not i dont find nothing.

You need to import the character as a skeletal mesh, and then create a new Physics Asset, you can then set the physics settings for each bone:

thanks, but as I say I already do it. But this is only work in the preview.

ok, I find this Physics-Based Animation | Unreal Engine Documentation in unreal3/udk It was more easy…

ok, it is working but a warning you, it only work on play mode, no in the graph preview windows.