TwilightRaven Games seeking concept artist

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Compensation is royalty based.On kickstarter success profits are split between team members. The game is based
on the story Fantasy Saga M and its content and script is based off that as well. The story spans three books and
six hundred pages. Currently we have programmers but nobody dedicated to art. We are looking, currently,
for a concept artist. The world of Terra is rich and we need a concept artist to bring it to life.

We will be using Unreal Engine 4 for development.

Snippet from the script:

**Machines given souls by magic, a wicked entity dwelling within the hero, A living armor that binds to its host like a parasite, a collision of a comet filled with dark, magical energy, and the beginning of time and all points in between. It all begins in a hopeless future.

The Kingdom of Serenity floats high above the wounded world, looks down upon the scarred face of the planet Terra, from which the sore upon its face, the Tower called in Terranese, S’an’dre, reaches into its putrid atmosphere. The tower spreads its tendrils and with it its sickness, churning within its bowels the souls of those whom it has drank, the tower born of tainted elven culture and dragon’s essence.

Our flag ship game is an MMO named Fantasy Saga M.

A blend of classic RPGs in an MMO setting. Journey through the rich, magical, and technological
world of Terra. You are Seren, a dark knight who turns virtuous. The game is third person oriented.

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