Tweaking After Re-Targeting

I have a custom rig from Maya, import fine. I’m trying to retarget animations to it from some mocap files. Some of it is 90% perfect, while the rest is not. Is there a way of tweaking these small changes(within UE4) without having to edit the mocap file? I have tried readjusting them within UE4, but the changes doesnt seem to stick.

For an ie. the legs are rotated to far or the Clavicle is rotated to far down.

Hi TheOneWolf,

Please check out the following thread. Particularly at the bottom I show that you can move the bone way out of whack in the base pose and it will retain that position. Likewise, I believe you can adjust your base pose but instead of transforming the bone, rotate it to better work with your mocap files.

ah much appreciated. Would this also be a solution for the hands and fingers correct? In general, if there is any bone issues from re-targeting, it is primarily from the Bind pose? ie.The rotation and translation of the bones from the Bind pose

I would say in general, yes. However check out the section titled “Retargeting Adjustments” in this link:


This is another area where you can tweak (particularly fingers and toes) by using the “Recursively Set Translation Retargeting Skeleton” feature.