Probably the wrong place to post that but let’s go.

I use Maya for modeling for several years now and I’m at the point of doing some pretty good photorealistic renders using Vray. What I want to see is how much is too much in a game enviroment considering polygons/texture resolution etc for it to be playable in an average system so I wanted to make something in a powerful engine such as unreal to test it out in a mid-range system like mine. I’ve seen videos of photorealistic rooms made in unreal and I quite liked them but noone mentions if the thing they build is playable in a game enviroment.

I imagine there are huge differences between static renders and a game enviroment with dynamic lights etc both in playing it and in creating it as well. What I plan to make is a very small level (just an apartment, more like Silent hills PT demo scene) but try to make it as photorealistic as possible and while I saw some of the tutorials, they use brushes and make everything inside unreal engine. Are there any good tutorials on a zbrush/maya/photosjop/unreal workflow for such realistic game levels? My main issue I guess would be getting the right look/light in the engine without using Vray parameters.

As far as I know there are currently no special tutorials about that topic on the internet.

-but for the maya/potoshop/… part, I would recommend you to just take a look at some basic tutorials which you can find on youtube. Also make sure to take a look at the documentation: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Content/FBX/BestPractices/index.html
-For the light, I personally would take a look at/study the free archviz projects/demos on the marketplace :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I’ll keep an eye out. For now I found a nice Substance to UE tutorial so I guess I can go with that for a while.