Tutorials on hand-to-hand melee

Hi. I’ve learned to be able to recreate the standard third person template with an additional shift to run input. I have a decent understanding of how things work but I’m still a little shaky

How would I go about constructing a melee system without weapons? All of the tutorials I can find seem to start out with weapon equipping.

My end goal is a template character for both the player and random npcs with barehanded melee and damage. Combos too
I also would like the end of the combo or just some attacks inherently to be able to send the opponent flying but by default just push them back, I’m guessing that will need a lot of unrelated physics and animation work

As a side note but I’ll probably catch this aloong the way, would it be practical for different characters working from this template to have different combo lengths?

Put sockets in the fist of your mesh and add a collision sphear in script turn them on and off as you punch, then add an overlap event with an on hit node, progress the node to do the DMG you want to do, its rudimentary but should get you started, there are a few different ways but this is the easier of them. You could also use a line trace instead of the sockets and just spawn a collision hull at the end, you could also add the collision hull with out any of that and make it a child of your main mesh and just set it to collide with what’s in it when you tap the button, hope this helps.

Followed the UE4 tutorial for that and it worked nicely but I’m not entirely certain where to go to from here. If I wanted the player to snap towards the nearest opponent when attacking or wanted the attack animation to change based on where the opponent is what would I do?
Other things like when to trigger a recoil anim and the related things like making the character unable to move when this happens.