Tutorials lack info, makes then hard to follow Need help finding a lerp

Kia ora

I trying to work through this tutorial but find find the nodes

If I type Input or Tint I do NOT find the input Tint at the top.
If I type Lerp I do NOT get the lerp used here anyway.

Sadly the thing lacking is finer details so its easyer to find these things without scrolling through a maze
of stuff I can find 3 lerps by typing in lerp and NON of them are the one used in the tut and I have had no
luck finding the scalar for the normalMultiplier either

Input Tint is a function input. Can be found by typing function in the search menu. And the particular LERP your looking for is “LinearInterpolate”. This can also be added to the material by holding down L and left clicking.

Thank you kind Sir

May Ia sk for the Scalar one also, pretty please

Same, its a Function Input, you can define its type in the properties for that Function Input.

Thanks again