Tutorials for Modelling


I’m looking forward to make a little game with some friends in UE4. Thats why I’m looking for a tutorial, how the moddeling in Blender or 3DS MAx works. For a Starter like me, everything seams really complicated. I want to do basic stuff like Furniture etc. And a tutorial for animations in blender (e.g for characters) would be really nice too!

I would recommend you to watch a beginner tutorial series and afterwards watch some videos about specific topics (e.g how to create furniture) :slight_smile:
Also make sure that you directly start creating your own meshes -> that’s the best way to learn modelling

good beginner tutorial for blender:

As Fighter suggested, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with beginner content first. Jumping into tutorials on how to make objects will not help you grasp actual modeling. You need to get a foundation on your modeling packages UI, tools, controls, etc. Once you learn that, you can pretty much model anything you set your mind to. The foundation is critical to that.

It’s like cooking. You won’t know how to make pesto linguine without understanding the elements and ingredients that go into preparing the dish. But once you know all of the ingredients available to you, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly. Good luck!

Try and find an object that interests you to model. Thinking Lamborghini cars etc…
It doesn’t matter if the car comes out bad and unusable as long as you don’t quit!
Because sometimes people give up when they realize furniture is still lots of work… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers! I’m going to check this out! :slight_smile: