Tutorials for a creation of a simple game from start to finish?

Hi, this might be a bit early, but I wonder if there are any tutorials for step by step creation of a simple game in blueprints from start to finish, like the side-scrolling examples that are on the marketplace?

Have you check the tutorials page. There is a good fps tutorial from start to finish using code and bp: wiki.unrealengine.com/First_Person_Shooter_C%2B%2B_Tutorial.

basically make your game and package it.
there are many ways to make a “game” and each type of game requires a different approach.
to start just pick an example and see how its made and expand on it

Sounds as simple as this :wink:

I realize that, but for someone completely new to the platform it isn’t easy to just dive into a finished example and pick it apart. I meant a step by step explaining the actions and choices, as well as the different practice.

Sorry, should have clarified, I’m after BP only tutorials, like for examples in the marketplace.

I’m afraid you’ll have a hard time finding a single thorough tutorial like that. You’ll have to read and watch multiple sources and gather your information. Google and Youtube are your best friends.

Edit: Don’t limit yourself with UE4 tutorials, btw. You can find a ton of information on making games with UDK to get the basics of game development.

just it does sound simple but in reality making a game is a lot of work.
for a bp game then start with the bp templates , i did a mini series on the fps bp , just setting it up and packaging , i must admit it is daunting when starting off.

so first thing what sort of game do you want to make

The way I have picked up UE4, is to have a game type in mind that I want to create. Then, I figure out what mechanic the whole game rests on. For instance, the core of an FPS is a guy running around in a 3D environment. You figure out how to do that in BP one step at a time. Then, when you have a guy that can run around that 3D environment, start adding new mechanics on top of it 1 at a time. Use the templates as a guide, but start your own from scratch so you understand how everything works.

As you are learning how to do each mechanic, spend the extra time required to polish those mechanics since it requires a lot of iteration, and the repetition helps you learn. Keep looking back at blueprints you have done and ask yourself if it could be more elegant or efficient. If you figure out how to do something, and then don’t look at that blueprint for weeks or months, the next time you look at it you may have forgotten what you were doing there. If you stay focused in an area, it helps cement those abilities in your brain until you are ready to move on.

Keep looking at nodes you don’t know how to use and figure out ways that you could use them. Do that for each mechanic. Sometimes you will learn of a node down the line and realize you can use it to make older blueprints better. Often times, you won’t know how to do a mechanic, but through research you find people are using whatever node to do similar things and you just have to figure out how that node works.

The best way to learn is to do. If you are just following instructions in a book, you aren’t really doing anything.

This could be something like what you’re looking for? It’s by Zach Parrish and covers some level building and basic blueprint stuff, it’s a good crash course that helped me out at the start :slight_smile: Either way I suggest it.

Start here so you can learn a few basics.

I’m recording one at the moment, but it is 2D game :cool: