Tutorials are not adapted - terrain builder UE5

Hello, (I am new to Unreal Engine let alone UE5, so this part of navigating is tricky).
While following the tutorial in Unreal Engine 5 (for landscapes), it has a section describing that I must “Select ‘view option’ and then check the ‘show Engine content’ in checkmark box” for landscape material. However, when I go to ‘Content drawer’ (where I assume assets and materials should be) the ‘view option’ isn’t viewable!
Below are some images for reference:

(I’ll add the other photo in a reply, since I’m a new user, it won’t let me show more than one image)
Honestly, the most confusing thing is just trying to figure out what it is I have to click on.
Please adapt the tutorial to update to UE5, and allow for the specification of certain functions to be clearly visible (Like the View option), as the tutorial only directs you to MOST, not all, features that they refer to.

It is still exciting that I’ve learned enough now to ask questions!

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Tutorials on YouTube for UE4 say that the ‘View option’ is on the bottom right of the content drawer (Below).

The image was taken from my issue in UE5.

It is the Settings button on the top-right corner of the Content Browser window


Thanks! I’ll make an edit here once I find out if it works!
(In school right now)

yep this worked … 11th option down from the top of the list… Been looking for this for a while - same reason as the OP