TUTORIALS ARCHIVE (including Video Tutorials!)

Ultimate ARK Dev Kit Video Tutorial Series is here:

Thank you “Brick Whut”!!! You’re awesome!

And here are some basic introductory Official Video Tutorials:

Getting Started & Creating a Map: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?75357-Tutorial-Getting-Started-with-the-ARK-Dev-Kit!
Creating a Mod (not a Map): Tutorial: Creating a core-data Mod (Not a Map, just a Mod :) - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums

And further video Tutorials:

How to Create Dino Variants:

How to Spawn a replicated Actor on the server-side from a projectile impact in Blueprint:

Feel free to post more Tutorial links if you find any in the comments, and will add to the list here :slight_smile:

HOWTO: Add new dinosaur variants

HOWTO: Add new structure variants

“Here is a link to a empty map with working water, lighting (with shadows) and a day and night cycle
(also “SmallIsland” is now included with the Dev Kit)

Thank you very much!

Look at those sweet videos

Happy to see these videos up and running. I will be doing more in the future but im glad to see it up there.

Will we ever get more in depth tutorials on map making?, Id love to get some proper tutorials regarding the light and daycycle :slight_smile:


A simpler template level for day/night/weather systems in the persistent level blueprint modders could copy/paste their content ‘to’ might work better than trying to copy/paste haphazardly from ‘TheIsland’ level.

Here is a link to a empty map with working water, lighting (with shadows) and a day and night cycle


Do you think you could show us the development process of adding new dinosaur/creatures to the game. (not modeling/animations/textures.) But implementing through blueprint, adding everything from attacks to spawn zones.

could we get a tutorial on setting up a new map to the point of having a flat piece of land ready to terraform with all other game assets in place and untouched (water sky etc + all the vanilla maps engrams rules etc .

You can link my Guide about How to create a Particle System on a PlayerPawnTest if you want.

How do I open the Empty Weather/Day Night Cycle map in the Dev Kit?

The link for the test map in the OP is wrong, use this one instead as its the full link


Please excuse my naivety, but could I have someone go in depth on how they got the water volume and post process volume to match up perfectly with any water level?

Also it would seem there are no in depth tutorials over the lighting and day/night cycle, I have searched around all day to no avail… Perhaps can someone start me off with how to set the time of day in the editor so it isn’t always night time.

Thank you very much!