[TUTORIAL] World Creator 2. How to export landscape to UE4 by using SyncTool?

Hello everyone!

In this lesson, you will learn how to export a landscape from World Creator 2 to Unreal Engine 4 by using a special SyncTool.

I’ll tell you how to avoid some problems with the installation of Visual Studio 2017 and a special module to improve compilation in the Unreal Engine 4. If you don’t install it, you simply cannot run the project with the World Creator plugin.

I will show an export on the example of a scene with a volcano, which can be downloaded from the official site.

Video content:

0:01 - Intro

0:05 - Tutorial theme

0:10 - Project creation in Unreal Engine 4.

0:45 - Install the WorldCreatorSyncTool plugin

1:46 - Install Visual Studio 2017 and a special module for the correct operation of the plugin.

2:21 - Run the project and compile the plugin.

2:54 - Loading a scene with a volcano from the official site.

3:20 - Landscape export to Unreal Engine 4.

3:45 - Import by using SyncTool

4:00 - Exposure and DOF settings

4:48 - Forrender Renderfarm

4:57 - Info-Partners

5:00 - Preview of the other lessons and playlists.

Enjoy watching!
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.