Tutorial: Welcome to Niagara Fluids

The Niagara Fluids plugin adds grid simulations to Unreal Engine. The plugin includes templates for fire, smoke, pools of water, splashes and shallow water. The plugin also includes all the building blocks necessary to build your own grid based solver.


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Hello @DanPearson , just diving into this fabulous tool. Is there any way of getting access to some of the examples shown in this demo reel? The guy walking covered in green flames is something I’d really like to look at. The ContentExamples package is limited to a smaller selection of effects, and I’d like to dissect more cases before implementing them for our current title. Thanks!

Hello, we do not have a released version of those tests unfortunately. For that particular shot it was done by using the skeletal mesh location module to stick particles to the mannequin’s surface. That emitter was then used as the fluid source.