[Tutorial/Website] "Complete" Paper2D + C++

Hi everyone,

Last week, on Thursday, I finally launched my website, http://www.kehomsforge.com (ignore the fact that I completely forgot to announce it here), dedicated to programming tutorials with a focus on game dev. While it only contains 2 tutorials at this moment, one of them is huge, teaching a how do create a “complete” 2D game inspired by Columns, which is basically a mix of Tetris and match 3. The tutorial itself can be found here.

Feedback will be much appreciated!

Hope the contents in there will be useful to someone!

Best regards.

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Thank you for this tutorial !
I honestly don’t have the time to look at it right now, and I would probably use another engine for 2D purposes, but I am very interested to get the knowledge to do it in UE4.

Yeah, after I finished writing the tutorial I somewhat got that feeling. The project was born mostly because I wanted to learn about Paper2D. Still, the entire experience was worth it because, in a way, it helps to keep the scope at a manageable size and allows for actually “finishing” the project. With this you end up doing a bunch of things that are often put to side like the “ok, this feature is part of polishing and later on I will come to” (and never reach it because of a very big project scope) mentality. As a consequence, there are quite a few steps that we are often not entirely sure how to exactly perform and then, when the time comes to actually implement them, our other systems are so big we often have to redo a lot of things just to incorporate those polishing.

Now, by polishing in this case I mean things like finishing up the menu, including keyboard/gamepad navigation support, confirmation dialogs asking if the player actually want to quit the game or a confirmation dialog with a timer to apply new video mode settings and a bunch of other minor details. Of course, we also end up learning a bunch of the workflow given by the engine itself, specially the places where we have to come up with some workarounds.

Again, any feedback is appreciated!

Best regards

Wow, very detailed tutorial and to be honest, its nice to see it in written form , old school ;-)… Thanks for sharing…

I am late to the party but this needs to be pinned on top of anyone searching for paper2d, I wished I had found this earlier, could have saved 2 days worth of worktime