[Tutorial] Weapon Essentials C++ Series

Hello Community!

I’ve started a tutorial series on Weapons and how to work them!!! The tutorials and the future ones will discuss

  • Starting from scratch code
  • Creating Structs and Enums for coding efficiency
  • Weapon Trace(Raycasting)
  • Attaching Weapon to Socket on Character
  • Spread fire, Single fire, and Projectile fire
  • Detecting if friend or foe

And many more!!! I hope the community enjoys these tutorials and soon more will arrive!!!

Weapon Essentials 1: Part 1

Thank You Community for being very awesome!!! :smiley:

Weapon Essentials 1: Part 2

Thank you for making these! =)

Anytime ra_ar! Just glad to be helping the community! :slight_smile:

@CHADALAK1 - Its always good to see people helping out the community! Suggestion though: provide links for the C++ source for each video, e.g., on completion, this is what you should have.

Providing the code have pro and cons. People are learning more by writing the code themself than just copy/paste code, but its also usefull if you just made a typo and getting errors.

Anyway, great job on that tutorial CHADALAK1 :slight_smile:

Hi, first sorry for my English,
thank you very much for these videos, they are really welcome.
I leave a thought. What do you recommend to have multiple weapons?
I can create n Weapons BluePrints, each one subclass of your Weapon Blueprint, and then find them , for example, in "YourProjectCharacter"constructor, each with its own properties.

Can you recommend something else?


I usually don’t put up my source code because I want the people to watch to practice and learn usually, but if the demand for it is higher, I will start putting up the source code with it :).
I agree completely as well ^_^! I want people that watch to learn and apply what I’m showing to them. Thanks for the feedback :D!
What I did with the construction helpers portion was to automatically attach a weapon right from the start. I will be implementing collision, inventory, pickup, and spawning and attaching the weapon to the hand socket with all of the correct properties in the next Essentials tutorial :)! Best thing to do is make an inventory system to store your weapons.

Great tutorial** CHADALAK1** .

I’ve got a quick question about this tutorial, more specifically, the second tutorial. At the beginning a blueprint is created based on the Weapon class that was made. When I try to make a similar blueprint my class doesn’t show up as a choice to extend (or inherit) from. I’ve also tried using the guidance here to include the UCLASS(Blueprintable) modifier. The builds have succeeded each time, but the option to create a blueprint based on that class simply isn’t in the menu. I built the code using the DebugGame (also tried DebugGame_Editor) and Windows options.

Any chance someone could point me in the right direction on this one?

Edit: Problem solved. I’m pretty new to C++ and had the wrong solution configuration selected. Once I tried with Development Editor it worked.

Glad you got this to work :)! Was looking into it until you posted the edit on your post :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that tutorial Chad! Helped me figure out a lot of things. Any problems if I use your version and modify it a little bit and use it in my project? Alsoe do you plan on implementing the TakeDamage function and post a tutorial on it?

Thanks one more time, the community needs more people like you!

Hello Community!!

I have released Weapon Essentials 2 on Youtube!! come check it out!!!

Weapon Essentials 2:

@OzoneBG Yes! You may use this for any kind of project! I plan on doing more detail with damage, ammo depletion, and adding effects to the weapons in weapon essentials 3 :slight_smile:

Great I can’t wait to see how it’s done!

Weapon Essentials 3

Hello again Community!!!

I finally released Weapon Essentials 3!!! I apologize for the long wait Dx. but it’s nearly 2 hours of content!!! come check it out!!!

Superb work! Things like this are massively beneficial!

One thing I’d like to know before I did in, is this a multiplayer ready system?

Thank you TheJamsh!!!

In time, I will start getting into Replication and making this multiplayer ready as well :)!! But the way this is setup, it definitely is setup to be one :D!!

please do continue the series and make it multiplayer ready. By the way, great work! :slight_smile:

Thank you. you are great