Tutorial videos to help get even the basic of programmers started with UE4

is a direct link to my channel on youtube that has videos helping programmers to do some basic things as well as some advanced things within the Unreal Engine 4 program. These videos cover 4.6.1 and 4.7.* though I am sure they work with 4.8 as well fro the most part. Please come check these videos out and show your support of them by commenting on them please. Already at 65 subscribers and climbing every week. I also take requests for tutorial videos though right now my computer is at my parents house until next week when I get it down here where I am living now. Still though feel free to leave ideas here or on my youtube page and I will see what I can do.

Your link will redirect people to there dashboard not yours need to update the link

I thought about that actually Thank you for pointing it out though I just didn’t get around to changing yet but here is an updated link:

if this doesn’t work than use this link to my first video and surf from there: