Tutorial: Using Epic Online Services with Lyra Starter Game

Step-by-step tutorial describing how to get the Lyra sample game for UE5 working with Epic Online Services



Do you need all of those Windows 10 SDK,'s you think?

so ended up doing another run through for the build.
Used VS Studio Community 2019 with .Net , Desktop with C++ ,and Game Dev with C++, all defaults with latest Win 11 SDK and Latest win 10 SDK and the Unreal Engine installer checked.
also get the Windows 10 18362 sdk.

steps taken in general…
Github fork and clone unreal engine release.

open UnrealEngine source and run Setup.bat as administrator

run GeneratedProjectFiles.bat and then the UE5.sln it produces.

solution config is Development Editor with Platform Win 64

right click on UE5 and set as startup project then right click again and build it.

after build completes ran a debug build of unreal engine no problem.

you can save all and close vs studio 2019 and unreal engine

use epic launcher and go to samples and the lyra game and create new project inside the UE5 github clone source folder.

go to the unreal clone source folder Engine/Extras/UneralVs2019 and run the Unrealvs install in that folder.

you can open vs 2019 again and make sure its installed and also go to "view, toolbars, and check unrealvs then close out again.

GenerateProjectfile.bat again

Rightclick your Lyra game name and Set as Start up Project…

Right Click and Build.

Once Complete, Run the Debug Build.

Should Load no problem.

I did properly uninstall the community 2022 and all extensions … so this should work with just the latest win 11 sdk , win 10 sdk, and Windows 10 18362 sdk instead of all the extra ones i had selected in my first post…

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to write this. I was able to package the LyraStarterGame through Source. It recognized my SDK. But for some reason our project still does not find it, it fails trying to find or install it in editor.

So UE Source is working fine. Both my project and Lyra build in source fine. Packaging our project is where I am having trouble.

Currently it’s not showing an SDK found and now I’m getting this error:

ERROR: System.Exception: Did not find an AutomationUtils.Automation.dll

Edit: Deleted Binaries, Intermediate and Saved, rebuilding everything again

Still no SDK Found.

ok based on your error message i think whats happening is exactly what i forgot to type in the previous steps ;/ sorry…

go to windows community 2019 and download the Windows 10 18362 sdk (this is what they used while building ue5 from what i understand) from the game development as well. I thought i just had the latest one from 11 and 10, but there is also that sdk.

ill be up most of tonight, if ya wanna hop on discord or something , maybe two blind mice can figure this out xD.

So far I can run the game through command line using its name and -game after.
I can also build the LyraGame target from the Editor. I have no built the LyraGameEOS.
I also built the LyraClient and LyraServer, but it doesn’t look like they work straight out of the box.
I just get a Experience is Loading with Lyra Splash screen on the LyraClient.exe and the LyraServer.exe doesnt even open

What I ended up doing, that seemed to fix my issue, is migrate and copy files to a new LyraStarterGame named to my project. Because I have no SDK issues with new projects. Having to clean up a few things but that’s almost done. I’m also working through using LyraGameEOS. Will see how that goes. Make sure if you do that in Project Settings->Packaging you set Target to LyraGameEOS. I didn’t see that step mentioned anywhere and others have trouble using EOS Target. That’s the only Config file I see using Online Subsystem. The EOS stuff doesn’t seem to be in the normal Default Engine.ini, so I don’t know if people are just adding all of it there or what.

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yeah, im taking notes and making my way through all the lyra tutorials atm, ill let you know if i find anything.

I was able to use EOS locally with two clients using the Dev Auth Tool just fine. However when testing in a packaged build with the same target settings, shipping or development, no EOS is loaded. It’s using Null for some reason. Any ideas?

hi … at step 4 - preparing to test from visual studio, i added unreal vs and did a debug build. But i’m getting this error - “Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFA4B35CBA8 (EOSSDK-Win64-Shipping.dll) in UnrealEditor.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”.

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That’s where I got stuck too. The tutorial stopped right after the the packaged build. I hope they can update the tutorial with further instructions on how to test Lyra multiplayer with EOS in packaged builds.

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There is a few good tutorials… I finally got dedicated server working. Eos as well. Should be able to help ya with any questions ya have getting it up and running.

Also this is for applying your own plugin which i suggest you give a go as well if you are up and running. How to create a new Game Feature Plugin and Experience in Lyra | Tutorial

everything in

Using Epic Online Services with Lyra Starter Game | Tutorial

tutorial works using 2019 visual studio using github installation guide for source build as recommended.

In The part 4 of Packaging LyraGameEOS from :Using Epic Online Services with Lyra Starter Game | Tutorial

It says:

"If this process succeeds, it will place a packaged copy of the game in the directory you selected. This packaged build can be zipped up and sent to another computer for real world multiplayer testing. If you were to run this packaged build from the Epic Games Store, it knows to pass the correct user credentials in. But for development testing you will need to make a shortcut or batch file and pass in the -AUTH_LOGIN=localhost:6666 -AUTH_PASSWORD=Player1 -AUTH_TYPE=developer
part of the command line mentioned above.

Maybe that is the reason it does not work in package build. you should pass the account.
i don´t know how to do the batch or shortcut for it.

Also for some reason when i launch 2 standalone games from VS or packaged never see the lobby created by host. But Shift+f3 works even can send friend request even without
Any suggestion?

Hi! are you tested it as development build?

Me too

In order to package the LyraGameEOS do we need to build the unreal editor source code with solution config as Development Editor ?

This sets us up for testing locally.
How do we test this over the internet?

Update: My mistake. I misunderstood what we were using localhost for. It works online already :relieved: I’ll leave this note for anyone else that wonders the same thing.