[TUTORIAL SUGGESTION]: Full character movement script

I know I’m not the only one who would benefit from this. I’m looking for a fully fleshed out character movement component done the “Right” way (or at least one of the right ways)… I know there are many ways something could be done.

What I mean is this:


  • Multiplayer capable animation replication
  • Should be done in Blueprints using Unreal Engine 4.8 or later
  • Should be in Third Person View

All standard movements:

  • Crouch in all 8 directions (Forward/Backward/Left/Right/Diagonally)
  • Walk in all 8 directions (Forward/Backward/Left/Right/Diagonally)
  • Run in all 8 directions (Forward/Backward/Left/Right/Diagonally)
  • AimOffsets (at least vertically)

And then throw in a few supplemental movements:

  • Idle/Crouch to Prone & Back
  • Picking up/Dropping something
  • Throwing something
  • Holding various weapon types: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Grenade

I’d also like to hear your choices for the way you do it, whether it be thru BlendSpaces or Montages, with or without Root motion, etc. Pretty much every 3D game needs to have these abilities and I think it would go along way to jumpstart people on the road to success if they at least had a basic blueprint to work from.

Hi OEGInc have you seen this video tutorial series?

Yes, I have - but that is far from complete - it’s basically just recreating the 3rd person template movement and adds in some animation triggers. I pretty much have most of what I covered above working, but it doesn’t work multiplayer - and I don’t like the way I’ve done it (While I’ve been programming for 30+ years, I’ve only been programming in Unreal for about a month now, still have a lot to learn).

I’d love to see this as well.

I’d like to see this too

OEGInc, you get any further along with this? This is exactly what I want to accomplish now, and am slowly working on it, learning how to do it. AND I want it for multiplayer.

Yep i would like to see this too

Me too.
I am setting up using Root Motion so it would be great to have that included in a more complex example.
Or just a clearly layed out example scene maybe instead. As a tutorial would probably get too long.

There are a couple other videos you can check out besides the one linked above.

Setting up Character Movement (Includes Prone, Crouch, etc.):

Setting up an Aim Offset:

Also, while not a “tutorial” persay, if you are looking at attaching things to a characters hands, check out Sockets:

Pulling these together in a single series is something that we can explore, however I don’t have a time table on when something like that would be put together.


Yeah id LOVe to see it m8 im workig on similar set but hitting road blocks everywhere…

those vids mention above are for gun held characters ad the animations just look odd…

trying to use that setup and making a basic crouch in 3dsmax or maya then re-importing bah not one tutorial has it and if they do its out of date
ive found perfect animations in some of the rpg sets i see floating around and also have mocap data for ALL those animations you speak of (some need tweaking)
but NONE of them cross communicate nicely…

please ping me when something arises ior need testing or what ever IM eEEEeeeger to get this as default so we can concentrate on the larger things like ASSETS and Design (trigger this volume that)