Tutorial : Strafe movement


Following the third person tutorials i changed it to a standard strafe , backward facing front direction movement.
Here is the blueprint for interested people :

This blueprint has a problem as using SetRotation each frame on the end of AddInputMovement, this causes jerky weird movement when you are in close camera.

So is there a way for the strafing movement to keep actual InputMovement and rotate only the 3D character mesh to make it looks forwards and not right or left when strafing ?

There’s actually an option for this in the Skeletal Mesh settings in the Components part of your Third Person Character Blueprint. I did this mself a couple of months back and have moved onto a First Person project so I can’t remember which setting it is though. Look for options with X / Y / Z and Yaw in the title.

It’s controller rotation yaw I believe. There’s a place to change it in the components like Jimmy_Jazz said or you can change it through blueprint if you wanted to be able to do a strafe button or first and third person.