[Tutorial] Skybox/Skydome the easy way

Too tired of tutorials that are way too long and don’t describe things with appropriate speed.
I couldn’t find something that worked without the need of grabbing a sphere in 3dsmax , doing stuff with the UVs , flipping stuff etc.

So there you go (~10 mins to get your own skybox)

Link in wiki

And you can just import more textures and just have multiple ones faster with material instances!


Hey thanks for the link, always cool to have this kind of stuff :wink:

That is great but what if you are not using star scape and creating your own DDS with Nvidia plugin in Photoshop?

One thing I am not clear about is what dimensions the sky box texture should be before you save as to DDS using Nvidia plugin.
I have a sky nebula kind thing and its 1024 X 1024.
So I created an image with dimensions 1024 high and 6144 wide.
So it looks like this:

So what I am not sure about do you actually save out one single image with that long rectangular dimensions?
In other words all those images side by side to form one long rectangular?
That is what I tried and it does import into Unreal but I get this error when trying to create the material:

The default cube map texture in the texture sampel par node does work fine and if I drag the BP into world and set material it looks fine.
But I cant get my own material (DDS) to work for some reason.

I have the exact same problem and cant seem to find what is wrong.

is it this link ?
images seems to be dead :confused: