[TUTORIAL] Simple Skeletal Mesh Paint (Blueprint Only)

Hi guys,

I’ve prepared a small video tutorial on how to paint onto skeletal meshes without using C++ or any plugins.

Video Link Here

I’ll also write down the tutorial in text if you’re not a fan of watching videos.

Basically we’ll need 2 texture render targets

  • 1 RenderTarget to unwrap our mesh

  • 1 RenderTarget to accumulate our paints

We’ll also need 3 materials.


We’re using this material do blend between the default material & our painted material using the alpha channel as our mask

First we’ll need to unwrap our skeletal mesh from the UVs so let’s create a material for that

Then setup our actor & scene capture for the unwrap


Make sure your settings are correct.

Then to unwrap do something like this

And finally here’s our material to project our texture onto a skeletal mesh.

Make sure you’ve got AlphaComposite enabled.


Then here’s our paint function



Also added a small video for you guys to see what you could do with this :slight_smile:

This Is a great tutorial ,
I followed It But I have an issue with the paint mask .
My character goes transparent or When I use a bullet hole mask , He vanishes.
I think its something to do wht the scale of the mask, But I can’t find what I missed

I believe you might have missed setting up a parameter in your Paint_Texture_Mat.

These are the default values i used in the tutorial.

You can try reducing the MaskRadius or Texture Scale variables.

Also make sure your Unwrap_Mat is set up correctly.

Could you post your material setup for the character?

Looks like you applied the wrong material to your character. You should use the character material on your character not the paint material. The unwrap material is used to unwrap the model. The paint material is used for painting, and the character material should be applied on your character

I copied you 100%. Here this is the Mans body material.