[TUTORIAL] Simple flashlight

Hi, i just wanted to add this to the tutorial list :slight_smile:

Yo mind if I create a C++ based flashlight tutorial, and post it on the forums? Would you consider it as stolen?

Also what do you use this cone for?

You can make your own tutorial if you want to :slight_smile: the cone, well to be honest i was just messing about with it and it works(kinda).


Btw I didn’t quite understand what you said about the cone :smiley:

Do you use it to control the light spread?

Or are you just using it display the light spread :D?

i was just trying display the lightspread but i’m not really the best on blueprints :slight_smile: anyhow, feel free to do any cover of this as you want, even if it’s a copy paste… just aslong as people can find the tutorial

Thanks man. I got this work. My first blueprint, so thank you (y)