Tutorial: Setting up an Unreal Engine Studio the Epic Way

Learn best practices on setting up an Unreal Engine studio when it comes to technical production workflows like version control, branching strategies, binary deliveries, virtual assets, shared/cloud DDC, UGS and more!



The Submit Tool looks super cool and we’d definitely be interested in having access to that. Thank you for another superb talk Ari!


Thank you very much for sharing!

Is the Epic Game Sync a full-featured Perforce GUI or you’re still using p4v? I’d wish to have a normal client for Perforce, as by default it’s totally frustrating even after you learn how to use it.

Do you mean Unreal Game Sync? UGS is only useful for getting file revisions (as far as perforce goes, it has lots of other useful elements). You’ll still need to use p4v to do commits, resolve conflicts, do diffs or any other perforce operation that is not some variation of “sync to … latest/CL/good build/etc”.

This is great ! Learned about UShell and some other thing, going to be very convenient :slight_smile:

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We still use P4V for submitting code, and Unreal Editor or our (currently internal only) SubmitTool for submitting assets (we can’t use P4V for submitting assets because we’re using virtual assets).

UGS is for browsing changelists and syncing to them / building them.