Tutorial serie, game from start to finish. (Including menus, level selection, progress saving, etc)

Hi! As some of you may already know, I really love to do tutorials :slight_smile:
And so I decided to start a tutorial serie in wich you guys can see me working on a simple game from start to finish.

That include (but is not limited to) main menu, level selection, player control, camera zonnes, enemies, different surface types, player abilities (double jump and dash). And I recently just added a video about affecting gravity.

You may notice that these videos are livestream that youtube recorded and that I placed in a playlist, meaning if you catch the livestream I can answer your questions in real-time :slight_smile:

At the end of this serie you should have learned much usefull principles like communication between different blueprints, and configurable actors, for examples. And should have more than enough knowledge to start learning more complex game mechanics.

I really hope that you enjoy watching these and learn something usefull!

feel free to tell me what you think too!

oh and I also did a few tutorial on how to properly setup a vehicle using the wheeled vehicle class provided by EPIC. Rigging in 3ds max, wheel setup and all that.

thank u

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