Tutorial: Sequencer Scripting Foundations

This tutorial covers the foundational knowledge needed to create automation scripts for level sequences, and gives example scripts for some common workflows.


hello there, how can i get/set movieSceneEventRepeaterSection’s channel to set event?i find way to set trigger event, but it is not work for repeaterEventRepeaterSection。
please give me a solution,I’ve been troubled by this for three days。

ok,i use ‘’set editor property‘’ node

When copying nodes from Export FBX blueprint i am getting errors and nodes couldnt be pasted. Export Level Sequece FBX, Get Current Level Sequence, etc nodes arent on the list when I look them up on the list of “Possible Actions”. Am i overlooking something ?

I am using Parent Class Actor as Blueprint.


Hello, sorry for bothering you but I am having an issue following this tutorial
I can add new keyframes on a transform track during play in editor, but when I package the project in a development build I cannot access the channel (cast failed).
Since it is specified in the tutorial that development builds are fine, I was wondering if there is some bp or project settings that needs to be done in order to work also in dev builds (not shipped)
Thank you !