Tutorial Scripting Pause Menu

Sorry my english.

I’m trying to follow this tutorial, but i can’t continue. In the point 8, says “Off the As First Person Character, use Get HUD Reference then Remove from Parent as shown below”. I use Third person character in UE 4.8.

I search on Internet, but I didn’t find solution at Get HUD reference. How I get it please?


You missed part of tutorial where that variable is created in blueprint “FirstPersonCharacter” it needs to be created there, set to hud value and made visible to other blueprints.

I don’t have the tutorial in front of me, but HUD Reference here is just a variable within the First Person Character blueprint. It would seem to me that you skipped a step that involved either creating and setting that variable, or you did that but forgot to mark it editable if this is to go in a blueprint other than First Person Character.

Thanks you to answer.

The tutorial is this: Point 8.

In the Required Project Set Up tab it tells you to promote the Hud Widge to a variable off the return node.
Screenshot 2016-08-21 06.26.09.png