[TUTORIAL] Running Console commands on Engine startup (stat UNIT, t.maxFPS 1000, VSYNC disable, etc...)

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I had to Google this so much I decided to post here.

Step 1:

Inside the Editor, download plugin named “Editor Scripting Utilities”, then restart your Editor.

Step 2:

Create a BP with w/e name and location (mine is “RunCommands”) by right-clicking on the Content Browser and selecting “Editor Utilities” > “Editor Utilities Blueprint”.

Parent class is “EditorUtilityObject”.

Step 3:

“Event Run” must be overridden. After you create the blueprint mouse over “Functions” to the left, on the BP editor, and click “Override” > “Run”

Step 4:

Mirror this blueprint (notes after image):

NOTE: “Get Editor World” is enabled by the plugin that you should’ve downloaded on first step.

Step 5:

Follow after step 4 on this official UE document: Running Blueprints at Editor Startup | Unreal Engine Documentation

Step 6:

If everything was done correctly, your viewport should have the FPS on and the debug message in blue:

Hope this helps other people. If any steps are unclear let me know and I’ll edit this post and go into more detail.