[Tutorial Request] Setting up and using source control.

I would really like to see an in-depth tutorial on how to setup source control in UE4. Since Epic uses Perforce, i would like to see a tutorial based on that. Something like a tutorial that explains:

1: What is Perforce?
2: How to setup Perforce (I mean what applications should i download and how to set them up)?
3: Then how to set it up with UE4.

I don’t know, using perforce in most apps is the same, since they do most of the work outside the boundaries of the app itself, but yes a short video might be helpful for the extra features that the editor comes with as far as perforce goes.

For question #1 and #2 though, perforce website already has some pretty good videos on all aspects of it, might be a good idea to look there first, after all perforce is a huge service, but you only need to know the first 10% of it before you can set it up and use it. There’s even videos there of how one would go about setting up a perforce server and configure it.

If nothing else, at least a short list of which folders and files to commit would be useful. I was able to gather this information scattered around answerhub, the forums and IRC, but an official wiki page would be nice.