[Tutorial REQUEST] Player movement mechanics

Hey, really excited to start learning.

Building the editor in VS 2013 as I type this, played around with the engine last night for a bit, getting familiar with it and so forth. I basically have no idea what I’m doing, so I’ll need some directions. Where should I go to find out how I can start messing with player movement mechanics?

My ultimate goal for now is to create a movement mechanic prototype for a game where you fly a craft that controls a bit like a helicopter.

So I would have normal mouse turning for now, which would control the pitch and yaw, but I would want to replace strafe left/right with ROLL. But this also means that JUMP should use the direction based on my pitch and roll values, since it should always push me up in relation to my view. As in, if I am looking straight up, pressing jump should push me horizontally backwards.

If someone could make a tutorial that goes over how one would start to do something like this, it would be extremely helpful.

Victor's ShooterGame Jetpack [TUTORIAL] - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums My jetpack tutorial modifes the movement of the character, so you could get that a bit. And you should read all the MovementComponent classes and Character and Pawn classes from the source code. Those are the places where movement is done, so you could see how it works and how to modify it to work your way.