Tutorial request, graphics settings screen


As we all know not everyone has a monster PC and many people can’t run UE4 games (or the editor) on the highest settings.

Can someone create a tutorial showing how to create a settings screen which can tap in to the scalability options and have them be automatically applied when starting up the game?

It would be a massive benefit to the entire community being able to release a game that isn’t only for people with monster gaming PC’s


Please take a look at our documentation about editor/game scalability here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/Scalability/index.html

I hope this helps you accomplish your goals!

It gives more info for sure but it doesn’t show me how (and even if) I can change it in-game via a menu of some sorts.

It would be a good tutorial but it’s a lot to ask - It might be an effort to see if Epic has something planned in the Marketplace in terms of a Menu Template (For graphics options and sound .etc)

it would be great to have some tutorials for ingame UI like Menu or HUD

Oh yes, a short blog post, improving existing documentation, or a video tutorial on “Graphic settings” (“Scalability”) would be great!

this guy did something along those lines via blueprint

might help you

All the console commands for graphics settings are in the documentations. You can use them in your menu blueprint and make a settings menu.

You can set console commands in blueprint? D:

Of course. Search for Execute Console Command node in any blueprint.

Awesome. But surely “Saving” these options would be a problem. As it doesn’t write it to a .ini?

Well if you can save that information than i’d think you can call it at game start as well. I don’t know if/how it can be done though, i havent got into Blueprints that deep yet.

I’d love to see if anyone gets this working; I’ll try too and report back.

It’s all in my videos, yo. (well, the last EXTRAS video)

I make a settings save file that gets saved when the user hits apply (which also executes all the console commands), and I load it at Event Begin Play and cycle through the console commands with the values in the save file.

You’ll need the sg. commands rather than the r. commands (except for r.screenpercentage, the sg version doesn’t seem to work) on the scalability page. I don’t remember them off by heart but you can find them by dumping the console commands. The values you need to put in the sg. commands might be different too, I believe the sg Antialiasing takes a 0 to 3.

I still haven’t recieved an answer in the AnswerHub from any engineers regarding interacting with the .ini files. I swear I almost managed to cast to one once, but I haven’t recreated it.

In the videos when I create the default save file (if no save file exists) I set defaults in the array, but I’m wondering if I could execute the Scalability Auto command then find out the values. I’m not sure if just doing the console command without a number would return a value, or if I’d be able to check that number via blueprint.

link to your videos please :slight_smile:

Hey guys I made a Simple Tutorial On This Matter…It is not ver in depth but it explains the basics

Hey guys I made a tutorial on this, its a very simple thing to do and I will be uploading part two shortly when I can save it and have persistent Settings.



[video]In Game Settings Tutorial Overview - YouTube

Please let me know if it helped you guys :slight_smile:

Hi, after some research I managed to do a Blueprint that shows the engine settings menu, apply, save and load settings for later. The option are added to the menu procedurally from a list and automatically populated in the settings view.

I could a video tutorial but my english is awful. Maybe I’ll just release the blueprints or some screenshots

BBA your tuts are great but u have to set the sounds of youtr voice better… its so quiet i cant understand what u r sayin. :c But i can see what u r doin with the mouse so i can reproduce :3

Are the settings in the above link the only settings I need to be concerned about?