[Tutorial Request] - Follow Splines/ Roller Coaster

Hi, i’m trying to make a roller coaster, but I really need a tutorial: How to make meshes follow a spline rail/road.
My Roller Coaster Project Screenshot

I’ll be happy if anyone could help me and other users searching for something like this :smiley:

Dokipen made a great video tutorial serie that would be perfect for what you want to do

You should look at this post

I also remember this: OK | Oculus if you just wanted to dissect a working sample.

Thanks guys, i’ll take a look :smiley:

This looks really cool! Post some vids (maybe first person perspective) when you get something up and running. I used to love building roller coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon and then being able to ride them! :slight_smile:

The new spline tool integration with blueprints is an amazingly powerful feature that I hope to be able to experiment with more here soon! :slight_smile: