Tutorial Request - Creating 'Strategy/ Building/ Simulation/ Tycoon' type game

Hi All,

First time poster here, and a general dabbler into Game Design. Myself and a few others had an idea for a game and chose UE4 as the preferred engine for our project and we are getting our heads around content development and the new functionality that UE4 has to offer.

We are looking for tutorials or even a guide with starting points for our project.

It falls into the following categories:

Strategy - Top down, non direct control over units, AI driven, Economy driven
Building - Required to build ‘level’ on grid based level, placing assets such as furniture, walls, floors etc (think Sims1/2/3)
Simulation - It will be a simulation type game (think ‘Prison Architect’ or old school ‘Theme Hospital’)
Tycoon - It will be a tycoon type game where you are constantly managing resources to expand on your ‘empire’

So far we have had a few small projects, mainly FPS or third person, but never something along this scope. So really I am looking for documents, tutorials, teachers or guidance on how to get the level design up and any challenges we might face.

I hope someone can help me!


There’s a strategy game example in the marketplace samples, and another one on the forums.

Stuff like placing objects on grids is all really simple stuff, I don’t think you’ll need a tutorial.

Hi Ambershee, I appreciate the response. I appreciate that stuff is all really simple for you, however I am having some difficulties getting my head around it. Its fine, placing objects in 3d space, importing my assets, building lighting, building levels. I am just not sure how to approach this from a top down view, where you restrict what can be placed with predetermined assets in predetermined axis.

If you could link to some of this stuff it would be greatly appreciated.

You’d get the coordinates under the mouse cursor to get the location, then you can just round the coordinates to the nearest grid size (i.e if you grid is 100 units per cell, round to the nearest 100).

It is genuinely that easy :wink:

Hi TrebleMebbel,

Recently i added Grid placement in my RTS Example Game. I have posted my Blueprint on how i did it. Hope you find that useful. :slight_smile:

Hey Ryanjon!

Thanks for the response, it looks awesome and I am certain this will be more than useful for me. At work at the moment so I cant test drive anything yet, but I really appreciate your response! :smiley:

Hey guys I know this is a really old thread but dose this RTS example still exist? I get a 403 When I try the link and am trying to do the same thing as the OP