Tutorial request - Build automation

Hey guys.

I’m a lecturer at a University where I teach game development.

One of the things I introduce my students to is source code control, but it is hard for them to really grasp the purpose of it without having a project that is built by a large group (which is both a blessing and a curse at a Uni, but anyway).

I think it’d be really informative for them and for the UE4 community at large, if you could have one of your build engineers do a video tutorial that is an overview of the build automation pipeline you use for UE4 and your projects.

What I’d be specifically interested in seeing, is how you would setup a new project, such that you have the UE4 codebase in a new repository, pulling updates from the “master” UE4 codebase but workable by a new team. I’d like to see how you ensure that pulling updates from the master doesn’t kill the branch, how you automate testing of checkins into the branch etc.

I’m really just wanting them to understand the overall structure of projects where multiple disciplines and multiple people work on a large-ish project with UE4. Plus give them a picture of how a professional studio sets up its codebase to ensure reliable development can carry on without people destroying each others work etc.

I’ve used perforce a fair bit in the past, so I would prefer you use that instead of some distributed source control like git, because in reality you’d be likely to see perforce at a large developer. I know you use perforce internally and I think it’d be better to show your actual development practice instead of mocking something up for a tutorial. Perhaps show us how your guys would work on a small-ish project like the vehicle update?

Thanks for your consideration.