Tutorial: Rendering Hair & Fur

A brief overview of tips and tricks as well as gotchas when rendering high quality Hair and Grooms using MRQ in Unreal Engine.


I’m trying to render several MetaHumans and I’m using several Console Variables you recommend in your article about rendering Grooms in MRQ.

I found out that if I use r.HairStrands.Visibility.PPLL 1… the hair quality is much better, but for some reason, the hair at the bottom of the image is cut off. Even if I move the MetaHuman higher, the hair renders. If I move the MetaHuman lower, even more hair gets cut off. It looks like the hair is being cut off by some invisible plane… If I use r.HairStrands.Visibility.PPLL 0… The hair renders without any issues. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

I am using UE 5.2.1


Here I am attaching a screen recording of what happens when I use r.HairStrands.Visibility.PPLL 1 in the Unreal editor.