[Tutorial Release] Making an Office Environment in Unreal 4

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share a tutorial that I recently launched on making environments for Unreal 4:

Gumroad store (free sample and playable demo available):
More information:

In this tutorial, you will watch the complete process of me making this office environment. I recorded every single step and added audio commentary on top to explain my thoughts. You will be able to watch absolutely anything, all in real time, which makes following much easier. I work in the simplest way possible, which enables me to get as much content done in as little time as possible. For example, all the textures in this case were created quickly in Photoshop, no substance or quixel was used. While those tools are wonderful, in this case they would slow me down a bit because I would have to add a bunch of extra steps. The videos have a little over 27 hours and each one has a different topic.

I’ll also show you how fast you can work by speeding up your export process (either in Maya or Photoshop). This pipeline that I put together using scripts and 3rd party tools, allows you to export everything one click, be it a modular mesh with collision or a texture in Photoshop.

The response from the people who got the tutorial has been great so far :slight_smile:

You can check out a WIP thread here:

Some beauty shots of the environment:


I would like to know if you are interested in being included in a project? I am developing a video installation, for an exhibition, and for part of it, I need to shoot inside of top quality virtual office environments without characters.

I am a professional artist.

Are you interested?


Hi Minos. This is a beautiful piece of work. I ended up buying the course AND the final assets. The demo looked beautiful and was a great way to showcase your work.

So, yeah, I just wanted to say thanks. :slight_smile: