Tutorial project: Cant find where force is applied to projectile

Hi All, I’ve just today bought UE and let the editor create the tutorial called something like third person blueprint project.
This is my first time looking at blueprints and although I understand much of it for the life of me I can’t find where and how it
creates the projectile and gives it mass and velocity or force. I can see in a blueprint where it imparts force on the object it hit
but not when the projectile was created in the scene at run time.

Can anyone point me where to look please?

In your Projectile BP, there should be a ProjectileMovementComponent, which has an initial speed property.

I can’t find anything like that. This is one of the default projects set up by the editor as an example scene. I see a blueprint called MyProjectile but when I double click on
it, it only contains things relating to it hitting other objects, I can’t fine anything called ProjectileMovementComponent.

*Edit I just found it, when viewing a BP you have to click the components button not the Graph one! Thanks.