Tutorial Problem

I’m trying to do the Blueprint Tutorial and I downloaded the .zip file with the assets to use. When I drag the contents of the zip into the folder I made in the content browser, it says that it fails to import because .uasset is an unknown file type. The turial I’m talking about is this link here:

Anyone else running into this problem ?

I copied the message and this is what it says: Failed to import ‘D:\Downloads\DoorTutorial\Door\M_LT_Doors_SM_Door04.uasset’. Unknown extension ‘uasset’.

Instead of dragging them in, hit the import option in the content browser to import that way and see if that works.

Or actually put them in the relevant files (as .uasset is the compiled files that are stored to be used by the engine as far as I know). If you look at the other project files, all the assets look the same.

You should extract the contents of the .zip file directly into the Content folder of your project instead of dragging them into the Content Browser.