[Tutorial] Player movement mechanics

Not sure if this is the right place for this, so please tell me if it’s not.

The tutorials on are awesome, so I’d like to suggest a tutorial.

I’m most interested in player movement mechanics, especially flight mechanics similar to helicopters or vehicles that use thrusters to hover. Would love to see a tutorial that goes through making something like that.

Maybe go over how you’d create a movement system where you control the vehicle through pitch, yaw and roll instead of just looking around like you normally do in first person shooters.

I’d love a Tutorial or How-To for their Showcases/Sample Games. So people can learn step by step almost (As the Create Your First Level video they did). That way people get bare basics, have the project there to reference and can start from that knowing they have videos to go back to and see how that step was done for their game. EX: ShooterGame Project, REALLY needs a How-To. Don’t care if its an hr long, 10 videos. It be worth it. It would help beginners and newbies to UE4 so much. Least then they can build a base FPS game for themselves. (BTW: The FPS Tut on the Wiki, is ehhhhhhh)

Indeed, the tutorials on the channel are great, just need more about all kinds of stuff.